Let's start off with this: I don't know when 1.16 will be out (yet). However, I've been preparing for 1.16 for the past few months, planning out a release day upgrade, just like we did for 1.15.

🌠 The Nether dimension will be completely reset once 1.16 rolls around. This is essential, as the Nether is completely overhauled in the new update.

You should expect some plugins, mainly pets and a few others, to not be available initially when we update. These features should return once all plugins are updated by their developers to support the new version.

Another important consideration is that performance will most likely be rough during the initial periods of the update. Paper, an optimized server software that we run our server on, will not be available for the first few days of release. This means we will have to use Spigot, which overall performs worse than Paper. Basically, there might be random lags and crashes that will be solved as time goes on. This is only natural for new updates, and things will get sorted out fairly quickly.

We're also expecting a considerable boost in player counts, since 1.16 will most likely release during early summer. Overall, this update will be beneficial for the server, but might bring upon some initial issues, which is only natural.

I'm excited for this update, and I hope you are too! There are many great things in the works. ✨