Historically, the world border on Firestarter's survival realm has always been fi, meaning it's been the 30 million x 30 million size that vanilla has by default.

Back in December, I announced that we would be shrinking the border in this Reddit post. However, that never happened.

So now, we are finally going to be shrinking the border. The new border will be a size of 100k x 100k blocks (going from 50k to -50k blocks). This means any builds outside of that border will no longer be accessible.

The new world border size, graphically.

Why are we doing this? New chunk generation is a large cause of performance issues on the server, and with the amount of players we are expecting for the 1.16 update, this unlimited world border will not work out.

So now, if you have any builds outside of the border currently, please contact me on Discord and I will move the builds inside of the border for you.

The border will be changed to the new size on May 20th, so make sure you migrate your builds before then. After that point, there will be no support given to builds left outside of the border. ✨